Innovation Workshop  deals with the concept of innovation within the framework of social and economic development and explores new ways to produce social benefit at the intersection of these two concepts.

It is known that the technology-oriented paradigm of innovation no longer meets the needs. The concept includes not only the implementation of technological developments in daily life, but also looking at the most fundamental problems of humanity from a new perspective and producing solutions together by all stakeholders. 

This paradigm shift, which is defined by the participation of the society to the innovation processes, requires the socialization of scientific knowledge and innovation processes to be egalitarian and participatory, while the need for intermediary structures for the design and implementation of these processes is increasing. 

Innovation Workshop is an interface that designs mechanisms, implements programs and projects for the translation of scientific and technological developments into social and economic value in line with this new paradigm.

Our goal is to do work to eliminate inequalities and asymmetries in access to information and technology in different societal segments, geographies and age groups.

While doing these, we care deeply to not to repeat popular approaches and practices, ​not focusing on a specific socio-economic audience, targeting widespread societal impact and to design interaction models in which the benefit is not produced unilaterally but mutually.